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Welcome to Southern Crane Kungfu

Southern Crane Kungfu is a martial arts club based in Surrey that teaches the traditional Chinese kungfu styles of Tiger and Crane.

These two ancient styles of kungfu (Wushu) are complex, pattern-based fighting systems, suitable for all ages of practitioner. Our style is a rare system of martial arts that combines all the principles, techniques and applications of the Fujian White Crane system.

Southern Crane Kungfu combines soft and hard Qigong. The internal aspects of our style are trained through Jing, Qi, and Sheng, while the external aspects are trained with Shou, Yan, and Shen, although both internal and external are inseparable.

The soft side of our style is called Shuang Yang Rou Ruan Chien, which translates as ‘Frost and Sun White Crane Soft Art’. Shuang Yang can be compared to Tai Chi. Our soft form consists of 66 challenging moves. The hard side of our style consists of 11 empty hand basic forms and five weapons forms. After these are attained, the practitioner is taught numerous advanced patterns within the Tiger Crane combination system.

Our Southern Crane Kungfu system also includes iron shirt training, iron palm conditioning, two-person forms, weapons, Chin Na and San Shou. These training methods are only taught under strict supervision.

With dedicated and disciplined training, you also have the option of studying Calling Crane Fist and Fujian Yong Tai Tiger Boxing, both in the UK and China.

Darren Trottman, Chief Instructor, Southern Crane Kungfu & Tai Chi

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